Mac Data Recovery : Bring Your Precious Lost Data Back to Your Life

Restore Corrupt Files/Folders from Mac:
  • “Install Failed” Error
  • Ignored the Backup Option
  • Error Due to Fragmented Disk
  • Denied Access to Files

All the above given issues Can make your Mac data inaccessible and in the manner to restore them you need a professional Mac Data Recovery Tool. This application will allow you to restore your entire file without losing their original properties.

recover Mac Data

Restore Inaccessible Mac Data in all Possible Conditions

Mac Data Recovery is recovery software, which is specifically designed to restore photos, videos, music or documents lost because of deletion from any HFS, HFS+, FAT, ExFAT and NTFS format based file system.

  • Allows smooth data recovery from encrypted file systems
  • It performs Mac file recovery on iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Air, Mac Pro
  • It recovers all deleted files with their original names
  • It supports Time Machine Backup drive recovery
  • RAW recovery on lost volume is supported by this recovery software
  • It is compatible with the latest EI Capitan 10.11

Features of Mac Data Recovery Software

Mac Data Recovery software is one of the powerful recovery tools for Mac file recovery, Encrypted Disk recovery, Time Machine recovery and much more. Here are some of the most amazing features:

Mac Data Recovery: This Data Recovery Software offers a large variety of helpful features that allows you to pull your data back from inaccessible volume. No matter whether it is photos, videos music or documents, this software is able to recover data on different kind of data after accidental deletion, virus / malware attack, drive formatting and similar issues. This software uses some advanced techniques in order to scan your entire hard drive for recoverable files and lets you recover them very easily.

Recover Mac Deleted Files: The powerful algorithm of this software make recovery of permanently deleted files as well. This software is able to retrieve the data back even when you have emptied your Mac’s trash or performed the ‘Command+Shift+Option+Delete’ operation. Moreover, files that are deleted are restored with their original names.

Recovery of Deleted Volumes: If you are unable to search for the existing volumes on your iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro or Mac Mini, all you need is this Data Recovery. This effective software can locate and rebuild corrupted volumes or volumes deleted from any HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS or ExFAT formatted drive conventionally in order to help you get your precious data back.

Raw Recovery: This Data Recovery software can accurately recognize over 122 different types of files by matching signatures. Complete scanning routines search every bit of lost or deleted data on your hard drive’s volumes and it aid to recover it very easily. The recovery features comes in handy if your drive’s volumes have been corrupted. When the Deleted Recovery and the Data Recovery options do not produce the results then you can go for Raw Recovery.

Mac Photo Recovery: Photos are the most cherished memories that no one wants to lose them at any cost. Using this software, there is no need to worry about losing your precious photos any more. This software is capable of retrieving or recovering lost, formatted or deleted photos of nay format such as jpeg, gif, png, etc from internal as well as external Mac hard drive, digital camera, USB drive, SD card, memory card, flash card, etc.

System Startup Disc: This tools works as a data rescuer even when your system fails the boot process. This software is available with a Bootable system startup DVD that is provided handy in times of boot failure. With the help of this bootable DVD, you can also start your Mac system.

Recover Data from NTFS Partitions on Mac: The vital use of this software is realized with its support for Boot Camp partition recovery. Data recovery from NTFS partitions on Mac is also supported by this recovery tool. It gives you a hassle-free experience while recovering files from Booty Camp partition. You can have your best shot at recording lost data for Windows partitions on Mac even whether you are Mac is steup as a standard Boot Camp dual-partitioned disk.

Create Image: The ‘Create Image’ feature of this Data Recovery software is quite similar to a System Restore point. It allows you creating an exact image of the Mac hard drive that can be further used in the crisis situation. If it is found that your hard drive has bad sectors then this function can be easily deployed in order to create and keep mountable image of your Mac hard drive, selected region or even volume so that if you ever face a media failure the you will have a complete backup.

Encrypted Disk Recovery: Is your hard drive password protected? If not, then no problem because Mac Data Recovery can bypass encrypted file systems and can also retrieve your precious data. This application provides ‘Quick Recovery’, ‘Deleted Recovery’, ‘Photo Recovery’, ‘Create Image’, ‘Advance Recovery’ and ‘Raw Recovery’ options for encrypted file system.

Resume Recovery: If you are required to stop the recovery process at any time then the Resume Recovery features enables you to save the image of the process in .dmg format on the disk and then resume it at any time whenever you want. Using this option, you can easily resume the last saved ‘Scan Information’ or ‘Drive Image’ in order to restore your lost or inaccessible data back.

CD/DVD Recovery: Sometimes, CDs/DVDs face some physical problem in the form of scratches. And as a result, they become unreadable and so the data becomes inaccessible. Mac Data Recovery acts as the preserver that can effectively grab all the inaccessible files stored on damaged or improperly burnt optical media (CD & DVD). This software also supports recovery from all file systems of optical media like Joliet, ISO 9660, RockRidge, HFS and UDF.

Sophisticated Scanning Modes: There are lots of categories of scanning modes that assist you to decide the level of scan required. If you have accidentally deleted your data simply by emptying the Trash then the ‘Quick Scan’ mode can scout for the deleted files. A deeper ‘Advance Scan’ can be selected which take slightly more time but it will can produce significantly better results if the data loss has occurred post volume formatting.

Recover any external Mac hard drive: Connect HFS, HFS+, NTFS or FAT formatted external hard drive to Mac and recover all deleted, formatted, inaccessible files. This data recovery Mac software is compatible with all make or models of external hard drives. It also recovers data from an unmounted external drive.

Time Machine Recovery: The Time Machine backup drive recovery feature is a new feather in the cap of this brilliant software. If your Time Machine backup drive has suffered file structure corruption resulting in inaccessibility of data, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery will come in handy to recover all your data smoothly. Just connect your backup drive to your Mac and the software will treat it as a usual drive. Thereafter, you can recover your lost data through the Recover Data, Deleted File Recovery or Raw Recovery options like any other drive.

Enhanced Interface & User-Friendliness: The latest version of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery comes with a striking new user interface that is both smart and simple. Appropriately explained options and detailed categorizations make recovering data effortless. Plus, features like checking / un-checking files and folders for recovery using space bar, advanced filter options for files, eye-icon for displaying information about a file and multiple viewing modes (Detail, List, Thumbnail) for scanning results makes the entire process quicker and more user-friendly.

More Informative & Thoughtful: With updated drive information and SMART Status of drive, this application lets you know more about your Mac hard drive and volumes than any other data recovery software. Additionally, it offers options to make data recovery safer for your Mac. If a huge amount of data needs to be scanned, you can select the “Minimum RAM usage” option to ensure that your system doesn’t freeze of crash due to RAM running low. Also, to prevent system freeze while previewing corrupted files during scan, the software offers such preview in safe mode both in thumbnail view and running preview.

Support & Compatibility

The software has wide support and compatibility

Processor: Intel

Operating System: OS X El Capitan 10.11, Yosemite 10.10, Mavericks 10.9, Mountain Lion 10.8, Lion 10.7, Snow Leopard 10.6

Memory: 1GB RAM

Hard Disk: 50MB of Free Space

Steps to Restore Inaccessible Mac Data

Below you have the complete guide on how to recover corrupt Mac file by using this powerful repair tool